Peace Lutheran Church • 1525 Glen Creek Road NW • Salem, OR 97304
Phone: (503)362-8500 • Email:

Sometimes visiting a new church can be intimidating. Here are the answers
to some frequent questions to help you know what to expect.

  • Parking - Our main parking entrance (upper lot) is between the two yellow posts on Glen Creek Road NW. Our sanctuary entrance faces the parking lot.

  • Accessibility - Yes, you may enter our building on the main level from the upper parking lot without negotiating steps.

  • What Should I Wear? - You will see people dressed in casual to business casual to "Sunday best." Wear whatever makes you comfortable.

  • Worship Style - Our worship reflects the historic liturgical tradition of the Church. Music is a combination of long-loved hymns and modern pieces, accompanied by an organ, piano, and occasionally, other instruments. The service typically lasts a little more than an hour.

  • Holy Communion or the Eucharist – Peace congregation practices an inclusive understanding of welcoming people to the Lord’s Table. Communion is offered every Sunday. All who believe and are baptized are welcome. White wine is used, though grape juice (purple) is available in the individual cups. Those who do not commune are welcome at the altar for a pastoral blessing. Those unable to come to the altar will be offered communion at their seat.

  • Children - All ages are welcome in our worship space. If you have young children, ask an usher, as you enter the sanctuary, for a worship bag with activity items. For parents with infants, there is a quiet room (library) available if needed. The quiet room has a large window so you can see into the sanctuary.

  • Sunday School/Bible Study - We gather each week after worship, from 10:45 to 11:45 am, for Sunday morning Bible Study led by Pastor Joe.

  • Stay in Touch - Please leave appropriate contact information (email preferred) on our guestbook.

  • Joining our Church - All are welcome to participate in the life and activities of our ministry, whether that is attending a worship service, Bible studies, special projects, or an event. If you would like to become a member of Peace Lutheran Church, please schedule an appointment with the pastor.

  • If you have any questions about your visit, please contact us.